Cultural Landscape

            What is the Bachmann competition?                                          

                                                                                       And what is the Styrian autumn?        

           What, actually, was the Burgtheater scandal all about?                           

                                                                     Which jazz clubs are there in Vienna? 

           Where do the Schrammeln play?                                                                                               

  Where is the Third Man set?                                              And what is Tricky Women? 

       Where would you find the anti-war memorial by Alfred Hrdlicka? 

                                                                   Was Valie Export actually born in Austria?   

In which year was Elfriede Jelinek awarded the Nobel prize for literature?

Under the heading of the Cultural Landscape, experts from their genres share insights into Fine Arts, Performing Arts, Film and Video, Literature and Music in Austria.  

These chapters take a historic look back and describe the status quo in the various genres, they name institutions and formats, explain education and training, the realities of life and work in Austrian art and culture. The content and design of the various chapters was left to the discretion of the individual authors.