Österreichisches Filminstitut ÖFI (Austrian Film Institute)

The "Österreichisches Filminstitut" (Austrian Film Institute) is the most important nationwide funding institution, responsible for allocating the majority of national film funding (currently 20 million euros per year). Both the economic and cultural aspects of Austrian film culture, audience appeal and international recognition of Austrian film are to be strengthened. The important cooperation with the ORF is regulated in the so-called Film/Television Agreement. Roland Teichmann has been director of the ÖFI since 2004 and has played a major role in shaping the development of the Austrian film landscape. In 2023, a decisive change in the country's film funding will come into effect; new incentive models are intended to make the film location more attractive in global competition and to strengthen and support the creative people who live here. From then on, "ÖFI plus" will finance Austrian, independently produced films for their first theatrical release as well as international co-productions on a par with these.


Within the context of the film/television agreement the ORF engages voluntarily in supporting films that are not predominantly designed for television. While the funds were increased significantly to EUR 8 million in 2011, the trend has been reversed since 2014, with drastic cuts in film funding. 

At the Länder level, funding is provided by the cultural or economic departments of the respective Länder governments. The city of Vienna does not only have a cultural department but also an arm’s-length legal entity responsible for film funding, which is the Filmfonds Wien.

Filmfonds Wien (Vienna Film Fund)

The "Vienna Film Fund" promotes Austrian film and the Viennese film industry. Over eleven million euros flow into various funding programs every year. The diversity of Austrian film and the structural support of the Viennese cinema landscape are the focus of interest. . 2021, Christine Dollhofer, the long-standing director of the Crossing Europe festival, was appointed managing director of the Vienna Film Fund.

Film Department, Arts and Culture Division of the Austrian Federal Ministry for Arts, Culture Civil Service ans Sports

The Film Department’s funding regime is mainly dedicated to avant-garde, experiments, innovation, young filmmakers and documentation. The transition from film to electronic media is another issue focused on by the Department.

Filmstandort Austria

is a funding programme installed by the Federal Ministry of Science, Research and Economy (BMWFW) in 2010 in order to support national cinema film productions.

Austrian participation in European film funding

Creative Europe Media 2021-2027

assists independent film producers with project development and co-productions, film distribution and exhibition. Support is also given to video-on-demand platforms, film festivals, film markets and cinema networks that strengthen European film culture.

Eurimages - European Cinema Support Fund

is the film funding instrument of the Council of Europe. Funding is provided for film productions co-produced in at least two member states and designed to be screened in cinemas.