Indubitably one of the most interesting film magazines in the German-speaking area, Kolik Film was first published on the occasion of the Gegen-Diagonale in 2004. The magazine’s editorial contributors include film journalists, film theoreticians and film mediators such as Isabella Reicher or Dietmar Schwärzler. The bi-annual magazine, which devotes each issue to a specific theme, offers in-depth discourse, topical debates and current information about film productions in Austria.


Ray is a high-gloss magazine on film issues which celebrated its 10###sup/sup### anniversary in 2015 with its 100th edition. The publisher Andreas Ungerböck offers a successful mix of popular and luxuriously presented in-depth reports and a comprehensive overview of monthly film highlights.


Celluloid as published by the Verein zur Förderung des österreichischen und europäischen Films. Its editor-in-chief and publisher is the film journalist Matthias Greuling.

blimp (1985-2001)

was founded in 1985 by the filmmakers Bogdan Grbic, Heinz Trenczak and Peter Zach at the Forum Stadtpark in Graz. The beautifully designed magazine which was published in English and German garnered some international attention, and with its more than 50 volumes it was an essential part of Austrian film culture. An online archive of the magazine is currently at the planning stage.

METEOR (1995-1999)

This Austrian film and media magazine was published within the context of project funding on the occasion of celebrations surrounding “100 years of cinema “ in 1996.

At the level of film critique and theory, this magazine corresponded with the practice of vibrant film making in Austria in the 1990s.