Funding by the Austrian Federal States

Usually an artist needs a pledge of grant from a local authority, city or federal state as the basis for applying for federal funding. But as everywhere else, exceptions prove the rule also in the area of the visual arts. Visual artists in Vienna – to provide a federal state example – have three options for receiving funding


The City of Vienna’s Department of Cultural Affairs (MA 7) supports visual artists also by purchasing works of art for the city’s art collection (MUSA). The criteria for purchases are particular innovative strength and a high artistic quality. The city buys works of art of artists living or working in Vienna whose work includes clear references to Vienna. Decisions are made on the basis of proposals from an advisory board that meets once a year.


Self-employed visual artists who have graduated from university – or are determined to be qualified by the advisory board - can apply for a studio space. Studio spaces are managed by Wiener Wohnen but do not include a right of residence.

Small Projects

Again, the prerequisite is for the project to involve a reference to Vienna. The subsidiarity principle applies, and the grant does not include any entitlement to receiving support. Applications need to be submitted no later than six weeks before the project begins. For more and details, contact details, forms and deadlines, please see:

Art in the Public Sphere

Art projects in the public sphere on freely accessible sites may receive funding from KÖR (Kunst im öffentlichen Raum GmbH). KÖR is entitled to grant commissions, organise competitions for art projects in the public sphere, give out grants and purchase works for the City of Vienna. Apart from certain general conditions and prerequisites, the concrete support details for a project are worked out between KÖR and the artists. Detailed information:

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