Collecting Societies

As a result of the merger of the LVG - Literarische Verwertungsgesellschaft (reproductions on paper and public performance) with the Literar-Mechana (distribution through technical media), there has been only one collecting society for literature in Austria since 2006; the LVG became a co-owner of the Literar-Mechana. With the increase of mass media and numerous additional exploitations besides the book edition and broadcasting or performance, the Literar-Mechana has become an important central institution for authors as well as a constant partner in conflicts over exploitation rights, such as in the international disputes with Google over Google Books between 2009 and 2011 and in the domestic Austrian conflicts over storage media remuneration between 2012 and 2015. Literary authors as well as journalists and authors of scientific works are organized in the Literar-Mechana. Also included are publishers of every category and the legal successors of authors. The music collecting society AKM/Austro-Mechana is responsible for music texts.