Literature Centres and Organisers of Literary Events

At the latest with the appearances of the Vienna Group around Gerhard Rühm, H. C. Artmann, Friedrich Achleitner, Oswald Wiener and Konrad Bayer in the 1950s, developments similar to those in publishing became apparent in the emergence of literary presentation platforms. On the one hand, new associations replaced the entrenched structures; on the other hand, these activities created presentation opportunities for authors and their literature in Austria in the first place. In 1961, the Austrian Literary Society was founded; it opened with a reading by Heimito von Doderer from his novel "Die Merowinger," published in 1962. In 1975, the second establishment of an institution for literary events in Vienna took place, the "Alte Schmiede" began its operations. Fifteen years later, after several years of preparation, the Vienna House of Literature began to operate, and literary houses or institutions fulfilling this function under other names, such as the "Robert Musil House" in Klagenfurt or the "Adalbert Stifter House" in Linz, were gradually established in all other provinces.