In Austria, conditions for music creators are basically quite positive as far as interest in music in general is concerned. For example, the population names listening to music "incidentally" as its third-favorite leisure activity (after watching TV in first place and reading in second place): More than half of the population listens to music incidentally almost every day. Attentive music listening ranks next, with almost 20% of the population doing this every day. Still, 10% go to a concert several times a month.  
Asked about their favorite music, Austrians in the study by Michael Huber "Musikhören im Zeitalter Web 2.0" mostly name repertoire from the areas of rock music (27%), pop/current hits (24%), hits (22%), classical music (19%) or folk music (15%). Much less frequently mentioned were pieces from the areas of jazz (8%), techno/house 5% or hip-hop (4%).
These and other insights into the music reception of the Austrian population can be found in the study "Musikhören im Zeitalter Web 2.0" by Michael Huber.

The Audience: Michael Huber, Wozu Musik. Musikalische Verhaltensweisen, Vorlieben und Einstellungen der Österreicher/innen, Wien, mdw Department of Music Sociology 2010, p. 27