Public radio has a 70% share of the Austrian radio market. With a market share of 31%, the format radio Ö3 dominates. Encouragingly, at least 15% of the played repertoire on this station is local Austrian origin, the result of year-long efforts by the entire music scene. FM4 is a public radio station which fulfills an important support function for the Austrian scene in the field of Alternative, Indie, Electronic, singer-songwriter and the like. Contemporary music and jazz are also accommodated, on Ö1, but rather during night-time hours.

In addition to public radio and commercial stations, mainly format radio based on the model of Ö3, there are also 14 non-commercial radio stations which provide ample range for contemporary music of various genres.

Incidentally, 64% of all Austrians believe that more Austrian artists should have air time.12

12 Michael Huber, Wozu Musik. Musikalische Verhaltensweisen, Vorlieben und Einstellungen der Österreicher/innen, Vienna, mdw, Department of Music Sociology 2010 p.54 et seq.