Independent companies and groups in Vienna

While the development of the independent scene in the 1980s and 1990s focused on opposition to the content of established large-scale theaters, which was perceived as outmoded, and also on the political interest in testing other forms of life and traffic in the field of art, the independent scene has recently distinguished itself primarily with new forms and aesthetic positions. With the so-called Vienna Theater Reform from 2003 onward, an attempt was made to create more professional working conditions for independent groups, among other things with the possibility of multi-year funding.

Not least with the founding of the Tanzquartiers Wien, a diverse and internationally acclaimed dance and performance scene has emerged, particularly in Vienna. This includes internationally acclaimed works by Florentina Holzinger and Doris Uhlich, groups such as Groups such as  Liquid Loft founded by Chris Haring, the Choregraf:i:innen such as Florentna Holzinger, Philipp GehmacherSaskia HölblingSimon Mayer, Anne Juren, Christine GaiggWilli DornerElio GervasiIan KalerAlexander Goldfarb & Anna Novak, Alix Eynaudi, Georg Blaschke, Michikazu Matsune and the project Raw Matters

The artists' initiative Im_Flieger offers an experimental field for dance, performance and media art.
The group God’s Entertaiment at the interface between performance, happening, visual art. Important artistic positions in this field are represented by the performers Amanda Piña, Akemi Takeya and Gin Müller. MAD (Mixed Abled Dance & Performance) develops inclusive dance and performance art for people with and without disabilities. The association Arbeitsplatz is an initiative of artists that provides working spaces for dance and performance.

Contemporary music theater in Vienna takes place almost entirely in the independent scene. Important producers here are the Sirene Operntheater, die Wiener Taschenoper and the Wiener Musiktheatertage.
In the field of figure and object theater, the Schubert-Theater and the Kabinetttheater have attracted attention with high artistic quality. 

 Likewise the schallundrauch agency as well as the interdisciplinary collectiv Theater Ansicht, Wiener Klassenzimmertheater, Theater foXXfire  and makemake turn to formats for a young audience. Theater.nuu  and Lilarum adress the "very youngest".

The theatercombinat, under the direction of director Claudia Bosse, conducts basic research into theatrical expression with its works, which are always situated in new urban contexts. The director Yosi Wanunu reflects in the performances of Toxic Dreams, mostly in English, the experiential space of a popular culture shaped by media. The collective Nesterval works with immersive theater installations. The Wiener Wortstätten work on the development of contemporary drama. Salon 5 appears regularly with performances in Vienna and at Thalhof in Lower Austria.
With Brunnenpassage, an open ArtSocialSpace in Vienna's 16th district, and the works of director Aslı Kışlal's diverCITYLAB Academy, the Viennese theater scene is beginning to face up to the demands of a modern contemporary metropolis shaped by migration.