Stages which focus mainly or exclusively on co-productions with independent companies

Tanzquartier Wien

Under its founder and director Sigrid Gareis (2000-2009), Tanzquartier Wien quickly evolved into one of Europe’s leading dance institutions. It collaborates on co-productions with local dance and performance companies and stages regular international guest performances . Most performances are put on at the Museumsquartier art centre (Halle G) . Moreover, Tanzquartier has a programme of daily training events and workshops and runs a theory and media centre for dance and performance artists which offers events in German and English. Bettina Kogler has been director of the Tanzquartier Wien since 2018.


Under the label “dietheater”, auditoria in the Künstlerhaus and Konzerthaus buildings were used to stage performances by independent companies. The “brut” theatre emerged as a result of a re-orientation of these activities in 2007 under a new director and curator. Kira Kirsch, previously a dramaturge at steirischer herbst, has been the director of brut since the 2015/16 season. After the conversion of its original venue, brut successfully opened up temporary venues throughout the city of Vienna and, since 2021, has been playing at its main venue brut nordwest in Vienna's 20th district.


Located in the Museumsquartier arts centre, Dschungel Wien is a theatre for young audiences. It engages in co-productions with local drama companies and offers international guest performances. Director Corinne Eckenstein will be followed in the artistic directorship at Dschungel Wien from season 2023 /2024 by Anna Horn.


The specific focus of KosmosTheater in Vienna’s 7th district is gender issues; in its mission statement, it defines itself as the city’s leading stage in this area . The theatre was established in 2000 under the name Kosmos Frauenraum (“Kosmos Women’s Space”). Prior to this, “Women Need Space” was the slogan of a broad movement that called for a “centre for art and politics dedicated explicitly to women artists.” After the founding director of the KosmosTheater Barbara Klein,Veronika Steinböck is leading the house since 2018.


The Nestroyhof Hamakom theatre on Praterstrasse in Vienna’s 2nd district is a present-day link to the rich theatrical history of its local neighbourhood , where a host of stages, many of them Jewish, existed up to 1938. Under its director Frederic Lion , the theatre’s programme reflects on current social and political issues.

Werk X

In 2009, directors Harald Posch and Ali Abdullah took over the venue of the former Ensembletheater at Petersplatz in Vienna’s 1st district from Dieter Haspel, who had run the theatre since 1982, and successfully reformed and re-established it under the new label Garage X. It was merged with the former Stadtlabor Kabelwerk in Vienna’s 12th district in 2014, and both venues are now run under the name Werk X. Esther Holland-Merten will follow Harald Posch and Ali Abdullah as artistic director at the start of the 2023/24 season.


The Werkstätten- und Kulturhaus, or WUK for short, is a cultural and workshop centre which, among many other activities, offers venues for independent drama, dance and performance groups.