Benefits in day-to-day working life

Persons with special needs or specific limitations who work also have special needs in their professional and private lives and enjoy special protection. For this reason a number of benefits have been introduced:


  • A degree of disability of at least 50% (assessed by the competent regional office of the Ministry of Social Affairs Service)
  • Austrian citizenship, citizenship of an EU or EEA member state, Swiss citizenship, status as recognised refugees or third-country nationals who are entitled to reside and work in Austria, insofar as they enjoy equal treatment regarding the conditions of dismissal.


  • Higher protection against dismissal
  • Protection of remuneration (wages and salary may not be reduced due to disability)
  • Credit towards the quota levy (see duty to employ) to be paid by the employer for 25 or more employees (one disabled person enjoying benefits per 25 employees)
  • Tax benefits for persons with disabilities themselves and for their employers
  • Access to grants for persons with disabilities themselves and for their employers
  • Possibly additional leave if provided for in the relevant collective agreement, works agreement or service law
  • Statutory preference in the awarding of tobacconists’ shops

Benefits in detail


There is no claim to benefits for persons

  • in school or vocational education (with the exception of apprentices),
  • receiving a permanent pension benefit or being over 65 years of age or no longer gainfully employed, or
  • who are not in regular employment that is subject to social insurance and who are not able, due to the severity of their disability, to work in a

§  sheltered workplace or an

§  inclusive establishment.

Classification as a person with disabilities entitled to benefits does not give rise to permanent financial benefits such as a pension or retirement benefit.

Mobility support

In addition, there are specific mobility support programmes, such as for obtaining a driving license, acquiring a vehicle, or a guide dog.

Here is an overview

Transport service

In addition to regular transport services to schools, supervised workshops, doctors, etc., there is also an individually bookable transport service for individual leisure-time activities: 

Leisure-time transport service in Vienna

An eligibility card is issued on request

- per passenger and per month, the maximum number of journeys that can be used is that shown on the eligibility card

- rides must be booked 1-2 days ahead with the transport companies

- transport to doctors, therapies or treatments are excluded.

- Enquire about the rate for upstairs transfers with the transport company (not supported by the Vienna Social Fund FSW)


The above-mentioned mobility and transport services are available to persons resident in Austria upon application. With international projects, any costs that have to be borne by the project or the organiser must be considered in the calculation.