Grants available for independent theatre artists: the IG network

The IG network was founded in 1991 by IG Freie Theaterarbeit, an interest group for independent theatrical work, in order to help independent theatre artists and groups pay their social insurance contributions by granting them financial support. The network is managed by IG Freie Theaterarbeit and funded by the Federal Ministry of Arts, Culture, Civil Service ans Sports and some of the Austrian regions.

Eligibility criteria

The IG network awards grants to: 

  • Independent groups that are employers (i.e. theatre societies that hire employees). In order to qualify for grants, the group must have received federal subsidies during the past two calendar years or in the current calendar year. Grants under the IG network are available exclusively for artistic employees.

Amount of grants

Employers may receive grants from the IG network for artistic employees whose gross monthly salary does not exceed a yearly adapted amount. 

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Application deadlines

Every year, there are two dates for filing applications: For the months January to June, applications must be filed by 30 September of the current year, for the months July to December, the application deadline ends on 28 February of the following year.


In the course of the amendment of the Artists’ Social Insurance Fund Act (KSFg), which entered into force in 2015, IG Freie Theaterarbeit decided to return the IG network to its original political purpose and focus on employment.

Detailed information on the IG network provided by IG Freie Theaterarbeit