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Values for 2023

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Values 2023

Social security

Marginal income limits marginal earnings limit monthly: 500.91 euro marginal earnings limit / year / SVS compulsory insurance limit: 6,010.92 euro

SVS SVS minimum contribution / month / New self-employed 145 euro (Attention: Calculation of the final monthly contribution will be done afterwards) Opting-in SVS: 45.03 euro (note: no pension insurance)

Voluntary self-insurance ÖGK marginally employed persons: 70.72  euro students: 66.79 euro (note: no pension insurance)

Prescription fee 6.85 euros


Children and family

Family allowance for children 0-3 years 120.61 euro 3-9 years 128.97 euro 10-18 years 149.70 euro From 19 years 174 euro

Child deduction Together with the family allowance, an additional child deduction is paid. This amounts to 61.8 euro per child for the calendar year 2023 and does not have to be applied for separately.


Daily maternity allowance  Self-employed 61,25 euro / day Low-income employees 10,35 euro / day


Additional earnings limits Child benefit Income-independent 18,000 euro (or 60% of previous earnings) per year Income-dependent 7,800 euro per year


Family Bonus Plus (FB+) The Family Bonus Plus (FB+) is a deduction that replaces the deductibility of childcare costs. The Family Bonus Plus is only granted upon application, either monthly via payroll accounting or annually retrospectively via the employee’s tax assessment.

Amount up to the 18th birthday: 2,000 euro for each child per year or 166.68 euro for each child per month. Amount after the 18th birthday: 650 euro for each child per year or 54.18 euro for each child per month.


Social benefits

Minimum based benefit Individuals: 1,054 euro Couples: 1,475 euro

Compensatory allowance (minimum pension) Individuals 1,110.26 euro Couples 1,751.56 euro

Compensatory allowance & supplement for 40 working years Individuals 1,443.23 euro Couples 1,948 euro



Increase of the limit for low value goods to 1.000 euro

Income tax 

Amount                                                            Tax rate

up to 11,693 euro                                              0 %

over 11,693 to 19,134 euro                             20 %

over 19,134 to 32,075 euro                             30 %

over 32,075 to 62,080 euro                             41 %

over 62,080 to 93,120 euro                             48 %

over 93,120 up to 1,000,000 euro                  50 %

over 1,000,000 euro                                         55 %


Key points tax reform 2023

The 2nd rate bracket of income tax (18,000 to 31,000 euros annual income) had been reduced from 35% to 32.5% as of January 2022, and to 30% as of January 2023. The 3rd rate bracket (31,000 to 60,000 euros annual income) will be reduced from 42% to 41% from January 2023, and to 40% from 2024.

More information

Austrian social insurance system

Information brochure by the Austrian Cultural Council (Kulturrat Österreich): Selbstständig-Unselbstständig-Erwerbslos (Self-Employed-Employed-Unemployed)

Legal bases

General Social Insurance Act (Allgemeines Versicherungsgesetz, ASVG)

Social Insurance Act for Commerce and Trade (Gewerbliches Versicherungsgesetz, GSVG)

Act on Social Insurance for the Liberal Professions (Freiberufliches Sozialversicherungsgesetz, FSVG)

Act on Social Insurance for Farmers (Bauern-Sozialversicherungsgesetz, BSVG)

Act on Health and Accident Insurance for Civil Servants (Beamten-Kranken- und Unfallversicherungsgesetz, B-KUVG)

General Pensions Act (Allgemeines Pensionsgesetz, APG)