Employed artistic activity

Any gainful activity of foreign artists by way of employment or similar contractual relationships (e.g. as quasi-freelancers, “freier Dienstnehmer“) requires authorisation under the Act Governing the Employment of Foreign Nationals (AuslBG).


  • Extremely short-term artistic activities (e.g. film making, concert tours) or activities that are part of ensemble guest performances (e.g. theatre or opera performances) do not require a permit, but must simply be notified (see Short-term employed artistic activity to secure an overall artistic production).
  • Artists holding a residence permit “Permanent Residence - EU“, a “Red-White-Red Card plus” or a “proof of settlement” may take up employment without further authorisation.
  • Artists who are citizens of an EEA country, may take up employment without authorisation. (A registration certificate is required if the intended stay in Austria exceeds three months.)