Residence title – artist and employment permit

The “residence titleartist” also covers admission to the labour market (for a given position with a given employer). This is why the PES will check whether the requirements for granting an employment permit are met when a “residence permitartist” is applied for, and inform the competent residence authority of the outcome.

An employment permit as well as the “residence titleartist” is valid for a job which has been defined in terms of place of work and nature of activity and must be specified in detail upon application.

The confirmation of guaranteed work serves to recruit foreign artists who are to be employed in Austria for a limited term and are not allowed to enter without a visa or who hold a residence title which does not allow for an employment permit to be granted.

The Baden City Theatre wants to employ a Ukrainian musician. She is to receive an unlimited employment contract. The Baden City Theatre must apply for a confirmation of guaranteed work at the PES in Baden. After review of the employment contract submitted and of the terms of payment and work, the PES in Baden will issue a confirmation of guaranteed work. The City Theatre transmits to the Ukrainian musician a copy of the confirmation of guaranteed work which she can use to apply for a “residence permitartist” at the Austrian embassy in Kiev. The Baden district authority will forward the application to the PES in Baden which checks whether the requirements for granting an employment permit are met and informs the district authority of the outcome of that check. If all employment law and settlement law related requirements are met (e.g. customary accommodation, sufficient means of subsistence) are met, the embassy will issue a visa C which allows the musician to enter Austria. After having entered Austria, she can collect the residence permit, which is provisionally valid for one year, with the Baden district authority.