Which documents must be submittedwhen applying for an employment permit?

The following documents must be submitted for an employment permit, together with the application form that has been filled in by the employer:

  • Passport and residency registration form of the foreign national;
  • Residence title (as required);
  • Certificates on professional qualifications, training and practice (as certified translations as appropriate);
  • Evidence of earlier employment in Austria as appropriate (e.g. employment permit, employment certificates);
  • Evidence on the employment of the spouse living in Austria, as appropriate;
  • Evidence on completed military service in the home country, as appropriate;
  • Turkish citizens must submit the duly filled in form “Supplement to the application for an employment permit for Turkish citizens” in addition to their application.

If an employment permit for foreign artists is applied for, the employer or organiser must, in addition, verifiably state why the activity is predominantly characterised by tasks of artistic creation. E.g.:

  • Proof of artistic training or former artistic activity, such as certificates, diplomas, exhibition catalogues, publications, earlier work contracts etc.

For artists of renowned international standing, or whenever the PES can clearly gather that the foreign artist will engage in an artistic activity(e.g. by application for a category listed under Special provisions governing the issue of employment permits for foreign artists by a theatre, a concert hall), no such proof is required for all practical purposes.