What if an application for a residence title has been rejected?

Once you have received an adverse decision regarding planned employed activity from the Public Employment Service, you may file a complaint against this official notice (Bescheid) with the Federal Administrative Court

A complaint against adverse decisions of the settlement authority may be filed with the competent regional administrative court

The deadline for filing a complaint is 4 weeks in both cases and starts the day when the official notice is served, or on the first day of the collection period, if the official notice was deposited at the post office. 

Legal counsel is not mandatory for filing a complaint, it is however recommended that you seek legal advice. 

If the complaint is also dismissed, there is a possibility to file an appeal with the Supreme Administrative and/or Constitutional Court. Legal representation is mandatory at these courts.The deadline is 6 weeks from service of the court ruling.

NOTE If you do not have sufficient means to retain a lawyer, you are recommended to apply for legal aid within the deadline for filing a complaint or appeal.  

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