What should be kept in mind once a first-time residence title has been granted?

Pursuant to sec 9 Integration Act (Integrationsgesetz, IntG), third-country nationals must complete Module 1 of the Integration Agreement once a first-time residence title has been granted. Please also refer to the information on the Federal Migration Platform at https://www.migration.gv.at/en/living-and-working-in-austria/integration-and-citizenship/integration-agreement/.

 When a “residence permitartist” has been granted, the Integration Agreement need not be fulfilled, if the residence permit is sought for exercising an artistic activity in a field of art mentioned in sec 2 (1) subparas (1) to (3) Art Promotion Act (Kunstförderungsgesetz).

As regards the possibility of extending a residence title see: Is it possible to extend a “residence titleartist”?