Purpose of stay

Depending on the purpose of staying in Austria, various residence titles may be applied for. A residence permitartist is valid for residence in Austria in order to exercise an artistic activity.

A residence permit for family members of persons holding a residence permitartist may be applied for. Spouses and registered partners who have completed 21 years of age at the time of application, as well as unmarried minors (including adopted children and step children) qualify as family members. The general requirements for a visa to be granted must be met and a quota place must be available.

Residence permits are always linked to a specific purpose. Depending on the purpose for which a person wishes to stay in Austria for a temporary period of more than 6 months, different residence titles must be applied for. Applications which suggest different purposes of residence, as well as the simultaneous filing of several applications, or the filing of a new application during pending application proceedings, are inadmissible and will be rejected.  A residence purpose may be changed, provided that the criteria for a new purpose of residence are met.