Can a visa be extended in Austria?

In general, a visa cannot be extended in Austria. 

When applying for a visa, the applicant ought to know how long he or she wants to stay in the federal territory/ Schengen area. If he/she finds out later that he/she must extend their stay, a new application must be filed with the competent Austrian diplomatic mission, and again all requirements must be met. Please bear in mind that a maximum period of stay applies. 

Please note that a visa C can only be issued for a maximum of three months within a period of six months, starting from the first entry. In general, a visa D is valid for stay of six months in total. If you are planning to stay for more than 6 months, you will need a residence title. The Aliens Police Act assumes that non-nationals settling permanently in Austria include such persons whose centre of life is in Austria, which can be generally assumed with a stay of six months per year. 

Extensions are possible in exceptional cases only. 

I.Extension of Schengen visa in Austria according to the Visa Codex in exceptional cases

A visa may be extended in Austria with the locally competent Regional Police Directorate in clearly defined cases.

Visa C holders who are prevented from leaving the Schengen area before the validity of their visa expires because of force majeure or on humanitarian or serious personal grounds, should apply for an extension of their visa with the authorities of the Member State in which they currently are staying, even if the visa was issued by a consulate of another Member State. The following requirements apply for a visa to be extended in Austria:

  1. Force majeure or humanitarian or serious personal grounds,
  1. Lawful entry into the federal territory,
  2. Lawful stay in the federal territory,
  3. General requirements for granting a visa are met,
  4. Preceding stay in the Schengen area stay based on a visa C is still less than 90 days within 180 days.

Applications can be filed personally or by an authorised representative. 

A visa can only be extended during lawful stay on the basis of a valid visa C! It is therefore essential that you file your application in good time before your visa expires! 

The official language is German, the applicant/authorised representative must, if and when necessary, make sure to be accompanied by a person speaking German. 

II. Granting of visa in cases deserving particular consideration, sec 22a Aliens Police Act

Under clearly defined conditions, a visa may be issued pursuant to sec 22a Aliens Police Act (Fremdenpolizeigesetz, FPG) in Austria with the locally competent Regional Police Directorate on humanitarian grounds, by reason of national interests or international obligations, if leaving the federal territory is not possible before the expiry of the existing visa or the expiry of visa-waived stay and a long-term stay is intended. Visas will not be granted pursuant to sec 22a Aliens Police Act in cases that are covered by the Settlement and Residence Act (Niederlassungs- und Aufenthaltsgesetz, NAG). 

Personal grounds such as extending a stay for tourist purposes do not justify the issuing of a visa pursuant to sec 22a Aliens Police Act. 

A visa can only be granted during a lawful stay! Please make sure to apply in good time before the expiry of a visa/visa-waived stay. 

Please contact the competent Regional Police Directorate as soon as possible.