When is a statement of commitment required and what does it cover?

Foreign nationals who require a visa but do not have sufficient resources such as earnings of their own to finance their planned stay in Austria may be granted a visa if they can present a statement of commitment by an individual, a company, or an association (“host”) with a main residence or operating headquarters in Austria who assures to defray all costs. A foreign national who requires a visa, has sufficient resources and can prove these accordingly, does not require a statement of commitment by the host. In a statement of commitment, the host pledges to defray all costs which might arise for public bodies from the stay of the visa applicant, even if that stay is longer than the period for which the invitation extends.   The statement of commitment therefore also covers reimbursement for medical treatment in public hospitals (unless the applicant has adequate health insurance) as well as the costs for the aliens police proceedings instituted upon non-exit after the expiry of the visa.